Monday, January 6, 2014

Saturday/Sunday, January 4th/5th - Last day of Winter break

Last days of break was not relaxing at all, then again it never is.

Saturday was the pretty easy, enjoyed last day at home and avoided everything that had to do with packing. Have I mentioned my dislike for packing?
My sister had work at Experium and other sister had religious education in the morning. After picking Alex up ended up at Happy Tails Dog spa and helping out/getting to just see all the dogs. I always love going there just because of the dogs. But there is also always good company.
Happy Tails is a Dog grooming business of a family friend and I never have a problem in helping out where I can.

These are her doggies, Gracie and Blackie. 

In fact, you should check them out if you have a dog or recommend this place to friends!!
(free advertisement to people who deserve it!)

After we picked up Sam, even though she made us wait like 30 mins for her cause the guy after her was late... damn high schoolers. 
Brought us to the mall were we tried to get food and that failed, since they're fixing up the mall, the food court was COMPLETELY Closed. such a fail. 
So ended up an in-n-out
and eventually at the mall. 

And at the mall, Alex got a free train ride from another one of my mom's friends. 

Train booth to herself 

She enjoyed it so that was all that mattered. 
Then Church and me still avoiding everything that had to do with packing. 

All I did was run around the house and pack. And it sucked. 
I always forget how I always seem to have a TON of stuff to bring home and so much more to bring back from break. 
And good news was the 49ers won! WOO! whole time it was just close. Its a love hate relationship... 

Once the roommates were back, most of them, we ended up coming home to a surprise! 

My roommate's instagram of Desmond and McCheeks

My picture with no fancy camera

It wasn't for us to keep sadly, 'Cause they were adorable, but one of my roommates was just watching them over the break. 

A couple hours after all that, I ended up getting a phone call to meet up for In-N-Out. Apparently it's a tradition now. I met up with Brenda, Susie, Sandra, and Odalys for a here goes Winter Quarter late night dinner. It was a good laugh of randomness and inappropriateness and random talk of being sore. But it's always a good time with them.

Never a dull moment with these girls

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