Friday, January 3, 2014

January 2nd, Adventures to the Griffith Observtory

With some great people from CSF, we went on an adventure to the Griffith Observatory!
Started off with Classic Disney music in the car and a round of guess the song and the movie it was from. Christina, growing up with it, knew them all but it was Franco and I guessing. As well, started playing the state license plate game. Every time one of us found an out of state license plate, the first number you were able to punch someone that many times. It continued out of the car and went on all day.
There were so many people so we ended up having a hike and a trip but it was still great. 

This was a far away pic of LA

You could see the fog of LA and was was but it was still a beautiful day and the slight breeze was amazing. 

It was clear enough to see the Hollywood sign! 

A little bit closer now :] 

It was just beautiful out there. Even though there were tons of people also looking around and enjoy the day. Honestly you wouldn't even believe it was winter with weather like it was. 

At the entrance! So excited that I got to go for the first time. 

LA sky.

After wandering around the observatory, we went inside and saw the telescope and there was an area that displayed all the planets. Jose, Ed and I thought they removed pluto. It was still there but just OH SO TINY!  especially compared to Saturn. We also got the opportunity to see a seismograph and weigh ourselves on different planets. If it was possible to live on the other planets, Jupiter was gonna be my last choice. 

We also saw a hit and run... technically. We saw a lady back her car into another car and it bumped it. It was alright since it didn't seem like any damage was done, the other car's dent popped right now but it was still a pretty big joke the rest of the day. 

After we finished at the observatory we ended up at El Pollo Inka where I took no pictures, fail on my part. But we met up with Laura and Jerry and it was a good time trying out new peruvian foods. And the beef heart wasn't bad at all. 

I then got to catch up with Dustin, Tammy, and Riju. Had dinner, well they did anyway and then went to Hooka. It was a good time with some old Saxon buddies. 

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