Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6th - Back to School

First day back, and it started by hitting the ground running!

SORT OF. . .

My lab was canceled so I didn't have class till 3:40. It was nice, got to enjoy a little bit of a break at least.

At noon, I met up with Gis and we got to have lunch and just catch up. and talk about football! Shall we discuss them Chargers too? just kidding. But it was a good time and I finally got my doctor who extra large Tardis blanket! It's beautiful.

I put it on my bed so you can tell JUST how big it is! 
(I have a full size bed btw)

But it was so exciting! 

After that, met up with Roben to work on senior design stuff and built one of the circuits for our project. I wanted to do something even if I was missing senior design this week! And I should have taken a picture of it, but a 470uF capacitor is HUGE. 

Had power electronics at 3:40 - 5 and Chomko ranted at us for like half the time through his lecture and what not. It's normal. I will say it did feel a little different again, I sat with Jackie, Jamila, and Josephine which hasn't been done in a while since we're all in different classes now and have no mandatory classes to take together anymore. 

After class, had the first SWE board meeting for the quarter, it's gonna be a busy quarter, but a good one. I can feel it! Soooo much work but I'm excited. Hopefully Brenda and I can get a lot of planning done tomorrow before I have to leave! I just want to make sure it's all getting done (control freak in me coming out) 

Then had another senior design meeting but they always tend to include dinner. I got chocolate chip pancakes! yumm! 
As for senior design, we built another circuit for the project (yay!) and did a lot of singing to Frozen, off key sometimes but it was fun. Roben doesn't know any of the song titles though but he will eventually. It WILL happen! 

Getting word done! It's a mess but we got there! 

Speaking of Frozen, got the best thing ever from Stephanie on facebook. 

and Yes, I do want to build a snowman! 
Who's down?

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